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Claire de Lune

Claire de Lune
Claire de Lune
Claire de Lune
Claire de Lune

Categories :Landscape paintings, Moonlight Collection

Release :15/08/2022

Painting :Handpainted

Material :Canvas 380g

Dimension :30x40 cm

Style :Inspirational

Medium :Acrylic

Colors :Blue, turquoise, white

Quality :High quality colors, on a high quality canvas, 100% hand-painted

Custom sizing :Available upon demand also in other dimensions; the final result may differ slightly, as these are all hand-painted, unique paintings. The photo in this gallery in different spaces are not at scale, they are for presentation only. Please see the above mentioned dimension.

When the wind is howling and the sea waves are shattering, remember that the moon is gently watching over you.

Clair de lune
Acrylic painting
Canvas 30x40cm

This is a very modern and stylish painting, that will suit in any living room or bedroom.
You can use it also as a gift for your friends or family.