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Fly high

Fly high
Fly high
Fly high
Fly high
Fly high

Categories :Others

Painting :Handpainted

Material :Canvas 380g

Dimension :50x70 cm

Style :Modern

Medium :Acrylic

Colors :Black, white, gold, prussian blue, turquoise

Quality :High quality colors, on a high quality canvas, 100% hand-painted

Custom sizing :Available upon demand also in other dimensions; the final result may differ slightly, as these are all hand-painted, unique paintings. The photo in this gallery in different spaces are not at scale, they are for presentation only. Please see the above mentioned dimension.

Fly high ! Follow your heart and follow your dreams !
Fly high not to show the world you can fly, but to see the entire world !
This is a painting I've made for my daughter, on her anniversary (20 years old).
She is also a student at the Aerospace Engineering University, very passionate about flights.
This is suitable for any teenage room, but also for a child room.