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Blue Voyage

Blue Voyage
Blue Voyage
Blue Voyage

Categories :Impermanence of Existence Collection

Release :16/08/2023

Painting :Handpainted

Technique :Pouring

Material :Canvas 380g

Dimension :3 pcs, 20x20 cm each

Style :Inspirational

Medium :Acrylic

Colors :Prussian blue, gold, white, black

Quality :High quality colors, on a high quality canvas, 100% hand-painted

Custom sizing :Not available - Unique hand-painted

Blue voyage
Amidst the enigmatic swirls, shadows dance with the ethereal glow of imagination. Hope unfurls its wings, soaring beyond the boundaries of the known. Each sense whispers a tale of courage, guiding us to embrace the uncharted horizons of our dreams.

Acrylic pouring
Set of 3 canvases, 20x20cm each

This year, on 29th of March, 2023, my son died at only 17 years and 4 months.
It happen so suddenly and it was such an accident that I would have never thought it can happen to him, to us. Ever since, all my paintings are just trying to represent what I feel, to make us all to reflect to our life, why we are here, and to help us using our time here wisely.
The "Impermanence of Existence" is a collection dedicated to him.