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Last Glow

Last Glow
Last Glow
Last Glow
Last Glow
Last Glow

Categories :Impermanence of Existence Collection

Release :08/05/2023

Painting :Handpainted

Material :Canvas 380g

Dimension :60x80 cm

Style :Inspirational

Medium :Acrylic

Colors :Orange, turquoise, green, black, white

Quality :High quality colors, on a high quality canvas, 100% hand-painted

Custom sizing :Available upon demand also in other dimensions; the final result may differ slightly, as these are all hand-painted, unique paintings. The photo in this gallery in different spaces are not at scale, they are for presentation only. Please see the above mentioned dimension.

Last glow
May the last glow of this sunset remind us that even in the face of darkness, love remains the light, shining eternal and bright, guiding us through the storm of our thoughts and emotions, passing through time and space.

Acrylic painting
Canvas 60x80cm

This year, on 29th of March, 2023, my son died at only 17 years and 4 months.
It happen so suddenly and it was such an accident that I would have never thought it can happen to him, to us. Ever since, all my paintings are just trying to represent what I feel, to make us all to reflect to our life, why we are here, and to help us using our time here wisely.

The "Impermanence of Existence" is a collection dedicated to him.