How to blend acrylic paint

Blending acrylic paint is the process of having two colors mesh together to blend into each other, creating a new color.

This technique can create very interesting, gorgeous results and you can use it either in abstract art or in creating your sky, water, background a.s.o.

Here you can find a few tutorials on how to blend the acrylic painting.

Some of them have been very useful for me too, when I started to paint, as I learned a lot from YouTube tutorials.

As you will see in the below tutorials, you can use different brushes and different techniques to blend acrylic painting.

The most common brushes used are the mop brush, the blender brush, the paddle and the flat brush.

You can blend acrylics either by working horizontally, or vertically, diagonally, in circles, anyway you want.

It is important to have a smooth transition when changing the colors and not to have straight lines.

You can blend the acrylics by using:

  • wet on wet technique
  • dry on wet technique
  • dry on dry technique

You can watch the tutorials as they are presenting different techniques.


Different methods of blending acrylics using paddle brush, mop brush

Blending techniques for beginners

How to blend acrylics like oil

4 different techniques for blending with Rinske Douna

  • blending technique horizontal
  • blending technique diagonal
  • blending technique in a circle
  • abstract technique with a sponge

Blending acrylics using blending brushes with Color by Feliks

Blending using wash brushes and blender brush